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Cost Reduction

Refueling/fuel theft monitoring

By monitoring both vehicle refueling and drivers' road behavior you can easily cut back one of the principal incurring costs of fleet management. With Bigfoot tracking systems you can:
  • monitor refueling and actually tanked fuel quantities using a real-time graph depicting tank fuel levels;
  • double-tank vehicles can also be checked;
  • control all unauthorized fuel siphoning through the siphoning and refueling report;
  • verify real consumption and examine operators' road behavior;
  • precisely calculate travel costs through reports summarizing average consumption

Driving style of your drivers has a direct impact on fuel consumption and the correct driving can allow you to save up to 15% of the fuel cost.

Drivers with a good judgment of eco-driving will tend to have less fuel consumption with the same kilometers traveled, and they tend to wear less vehicles.

Fuel checks via CANbus/FMS or float

Choose the type of control you prefer, with connection to the vehicle's electronic control unit, to the vehicle's factory-fitted float, or to a high-precision sensor supplied by us!.