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Live Tracking

Track the location of your vehicles in real time, check their routes, monitor stopovers, and cut back costs The Bigfoot tracking system allows you to simplify and optimize your work in one click.

Location of the whole fleet in real time through the Internet and a GPS tracker

With Bigfoot you can:
  • view the current map position of all your company vehicles equipped with a GPS tracker. ;
  • visually verify vehicle status: stopped vehicle, moving vehicle, motor running, etc.;
  • pinpoint the vehicle closest to a specific address to assign it to the next job;
  • select a specific vehicle with just one click of the mouse and obtain instant information about the vehicle's speed, and check routes and the driver's "on the job" time;

Route tracking on maps

Using Bigfoot tracking systems you can check routes and stopovers, analyze hours claimed by drivers and driving styles, and much more:
  • view vehicles' daily routes, in real time, on maps, and check speed, kilometers driven and partial journey laps;
  • check departure and arrival times, monitor driving hours, breaks, and rest hours;
  • view vehicles' stops and departures along routes, check times and duration;
  • instantly check the number of driven and "on the job" hours left for subsequent activities, and keep driving time overstretch in check;
  • visualize the position, date, and time of all events and alerts along routes;
  • search and consult the history of daily routes driven during the last 12 months by Bigfoot tracking units equipped vehicles.