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The ideal antitheft system for protecting goods and vehicles, and for preventing theft and robbery, by integrating security and logic functions in an only solution.

Alerts and events

Even if you're not sitting in front of your PC, you can locate your fleet in real time by SMS and/or e-mail notification for over 20 types of events or alerts;

  • immediate notification of unauthorized stops;
  • alerts about vehicles moving at unscheduled times;
  • notification of arrival at/departure from a geographical area (headquarters, warehouses, construction sites, clients, drop-off points, plants, etc.);
  • notification in case of exceeding speed limits;
  • check of stopovers at your Points of Interest (POIs) or place marking such as clients' offices, warehouses, drop-off points, plants, etc.;
  • alerts about driving time overstretch;
  • and 20 other types of configurable events for checking security and optimizing logistics.

Bigfoot's ' main security functions include:

  • alert for unauthorized access to the vehicle;
  • alert for unauthorized towage of the vehicle;
  • connection to a sos and anti-robbery button
  • remote engine cut-off with a simple click of the mouse;
  • notification in case the Bigfoot device is subjected to tampering;
  • optional accessories include:- numeric keypad for entering the security PIN for engine start-up and for sending silent alerts, for instance during robberies;
  • numeric keypad for entering the operator's PIN, for the automatic recognition of the driver at the wheel;
  • vehicular RFID reader for driver recognition and engine start through RFID proximity badge or RFID key;

All the alerts can be configured for direct notification via clients PC, e-mail, or SMS.